Why you should invest in a Funeral Plan  Today.

Having already spoken about the financial common sense that a Pre-paid Funeral plan makes, why else would you want to buy one?

We come across a number of people who don’t feel comfortable discussing their funeral wishes with their family, which is quite understandable. This means the family must use their best guess as to what the deceased family member would have chosen had they put their mind to it.

This means the music, hymns, readings and eulogy may not truly reflect what the deceased wanted. The answer is to purchase a Pre-paid funeral plan, which will allow you to record the choices that you want. This will also assist your family at what is already an upsetting time. You can use your funeral plan to guide your family on the important parts of the funeral or to detail every aspect of it, the choice is yours.

So how else do Pre-paid Funeral plans help?

Well, they make dealing with the administration much simpler. There is a single phone number for your family or if you have no family, the appointed person to call. Then the plan that you setup will be put in place. We find this is especially helpful where the funeral has not been discussed by the family previously or where there is no family to take care of these things.
We also find that people can talk things through with us, but they would never do so with their nearest and dearest. This can be a big benefit for them, knowing that the family will not have to stress about a process they don’t deal with every day.

Some people say that they have already said what they want in their Will. The problem here is that the Will may not be read for some time and in some cases, not until after the funeral has taken place. The only way to be sure that your wishes are adhered to is by purchasing a Pre-paid Funeral Plan.

If you would like to know more about Pre-paid Funeral plans we can arrange a no obligation meeting with you to talk through the options. There are many plans on the market and some are better than others. Our advice is free, so why not make use of it. To arrange your appointment please call 01202 798345 or send an email.

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