Mckenzie Friend Legal Assistance

Being involved in a legal conflict can be a difficult and stressful time for all concerned.  We can help with simple and impartial advice that will help you through this difficult time.

How we can help

We can advise you on what the law says and how it will affect you.  We can explain the process and what everything means.  We can help you complete forms and assist with writing letters.  We can also help with preparing your case for court.  We can see if you are entitled to any benefits or waivers which may reduce the cost of filing court forms.  Should you need to attend court we can apply to assist you as a Mackenzie Friend.  This means we can go to Court with you and help by taking notes, sorting papers/ legal bundles and generally assist you in presenting your case.

We believe it is better to negotiate from an informed position than to pursue a hopeless cause.  Battling on a principle is all very well, but it could cost you dearly.  Sound advice, coupled with a sensible approach and a realistic outcome in mind, will normally result in less expense and far less stress.

Unlike Solicitors and Barristers, we have no automatic rights of audience before the court.  However, in exceptional situations and with the judge’s permission, we can speak on your behalf.  This is always down to each individual judge.  Instances where this is more likely to be granted is when we work with vulnerable people or someone who would not otherwise be able to present their case to the court.

Why use us?

Perhaps you have already spoken to a Solicitor and can’t afford the costs involved or maybe you just need some basic assistance.  In which case a Makenzie Friend may be right for you.

We are always professional and without bias or prejudice.  If at any time it is felt that your case has complications that are not within our expertise, then we will suggest and if required, guide you to an appropriate Solicitor or a Direct Access Barrister.  There are a number of Solicitors in the Poole and Bournemouth area that we can recommend.

If you need Help and support but don’t want to use a solicitor or can’t afford one then maybe we can help.

Contact us today to discuss your situation: 01202 798867